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The need for good, fast and reliable WIFI in Hospitality

26 June 2021

About the Author

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Does the Hospitality Industry need to keep up to date with having good, fast and reliable WiFi Solutions in their business?

The answer is Yes! Whether the business relies on bums on seats or sleeping between the sheets, guests are finding that they will not tolerate slow WIFI.

The consumption of on-demand content continues to rise, and the next few years will see a massive jump in the number of internet-enabled devices, including smartwatches and fitness trackers. As a result, hotels can expect more and more travellers to bring their entertainment devices with them, so providing great WiFi is fundamental to the hotel guest experience. With more streaming services available, the rise of the smart guest room and a global surge in connected devices, investing in your hotel WiFi has never been more critical to meet the rising expectations of your guests.

How many times have you found yourself connected to a WIFI where you get low coverage, and the connection keeps dropping in and out?

Many of us have fast WIFI at home. We assume that hotels, cafes, restaurants and public places would have the same internet service to connect to quickly and experience the same constant connection and fast speed, however that isn't always the case.

Most customers who enjoy lightning-fast speeds in their own homes will expect high-speed WiFi as the new minimum standard in hotels no matter what the time of day (or night). The last thing customers want when arriving at the hotel room after a day of sightseeing is to find they can't upload photos, connect and chat to their loved ones or access social media because the connection is either low, slow or keeps dropping in and out. Imagine how frustrated you would be if you were a business traveller and unable to access your email or have the ability to send and receive files and documents. A fast and reliable connection is essential to meet their guest's electronic lifestyle. Anything less leaves the door wide open for significant guest dissatisfaction.

Instead of pay-per-view entertainment, guests stream Netflix and Stan on their tablets and smartphones, checking social media, planning trips and checking restaurant reviews even whilst relaxing by the pool. How important is their WIFI experience to ensure they return as guests? Extremely !!

"The WiFi in this place is ridiculous, and I can access my email to open the document I am waiting to receive and sign. I will never, ever stay here again or recommend this place to anyone."

''I want to upload my photos to my social media pages and share the experience with my family and friends. Not only is the internet signal week, but it is also too slow and constantly drops out”

High occupancy puts a massive strain on a hotel's network infrastructure, where an outdated network just won't cut it anymore. Slow internet speeds and low coverage are almost guaranteed to irritate guests and potentially earn negative reviews on TripAdvisor or Google. Not only that, the guests themselves will look elsewhere next time. 


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