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Building & Construction

Richard Crookes Constructions


Deliver a managed and cost-effective Managed Print Solution with a proactive servicing model that frees up the business.

An array of leading print technologies perfectly matched to allow document workflow with a flexible and preventative service & supply model.

Improved print technology reliability and print workflow by improving uptime and simplicity.

A family-owned construction company delivering projects since 1976. With offices in NSW, QLD and the ACT, Richard Crookes Construction (RCC) prides itself on strong family values and collaborative client focus partnerships that deliver projects on time and budget to the highest quality. With a multiple sector focus and more than 70% of repeat business coming from both government and private sectors, RCC has built a reputation that stands out form the crowd.

With 50+ construction projects in place, RCC had a demand for multiple site offices to facilitate the day-to-day operation of the business. Efficient management and processing of information was an integral business requirement and like many other organisations, the demand for managing documents via printing and scanning was critical. RCC engaged AMPS to develop a robust document roadmap aligned to their business requirements.

From office print, to specialised wide format, plan printing, AMPS partnered with RCC to present a consolidated copying, printing, and scanning solution that delivered multiple business efficiencies to the business.   The print fleet was first rationalised to a commercial equipment that delivered superior productivity and reliability over their smaller “home office” type solutions. These larger, more advanced, and robust print solutions presented the site staff with technologies identical to that of their head office, enabling users to maximise their productivity. Print fleet consolidation Seeking a print technology partner that could satisfy many key business requirements would not only deliver a flexible pay as you go model for short term building sites, but also maintained strict 4 hours SLA’s across the wider fleet, no matter the location.   Preventative consumable replenishment was facilitated with buffer stock of all consumables and spare parts to deal with remote sites and where limited access was required.   Best of breed print technologies were sourced from industries leading manufactures to ensure that the best, most suitable product was deployed to provide the reliability in the toughest environmental conditions.


As an expert technology partner with a telecommunication backbone that first started in 2000 our independence and agnostic partner model gave us the edge over our much larger competitors to be the partner selected. Our strengths lie in understanding the long-term goals of delivering efficient servicing. AMPS highly experienced staff were able to consult throughout the process, making decisions on services simple and straightforward. If you are facing a similar obstacle with multiple high costing suppliers or looking for a solution outside of the box, then get in touch with one of our technology advisors now.