Guest Entertainment Solutions

AMPS deliver one connected experience between the guest, technology, and properties by unifying data, video and voice technology under one
master offering. So whether you are a boutique property looking for a tailored approach to match your clientele, a major chain seeking to reinforce
brand standards across multiple properties, or an individual property wanting to build a scalable foundation, we deliver technology-agnostic solutions
to position you for the future so that you can offer the best guest experience throughout the customer journey.


AMPS will help you design an innovative and personalised IPTV solution with a matching brand identity portal for maximum revenue generation and a memorable guest entertainment experience.

List Of Capabilities

Free To Air TV
Satellite TV
Video On Demand
TV Box Sets
Pay TV
In-Room Shopping, Weather, Dining & More
Tour Booking & In-House Sales
Custom Compendium & Branding

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A truly integrated casting solution that
requires no additional components with built in security features and minimal
impact to existing network infrastructure and data usage.

List Of Capabilities

Streaming From Any Mobile Device
Over 7,500 Compatible Apps
NO Additional Equipment
Secure (No Mirroring)
Guest Theft & Damage Safe
100% Integrated
Guest Privacy Protection
Simple Two Step Setup

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Effective promotion and communication tool in high-definition with full
customisation over content to further
enhance guest room and common area experiences

List Of Capabilities

Interactive Advertising
Full Content Customisation
PMS Integration
Carousel Promotions
Wide Area Information Access
Advertising During TV Use
Interactive Advertising
Office 365 Integration

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Providing the best customer service is our top priority at Streamvision. That’s why our product
development and support teams are housed under one roof.

Wireless Solutions

Expert wireless audit, design, implementation, support and management services.


Wi–Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Connects…Hospitality industries leading hotspot gateway solution that helps deliver exceptional customer experiences.




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