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Case Study


Criterion Hotel


Heritage-listed building with poor infrastructure. Newly renovated accommodation needs Wi-Fi and Hospitality TVs.

Provide managed reliable data and Wi-Fi solution with state of the art 50” hospitality TVs.

AMPS were able to offer a wide range of technologies which allowed us to uniquely tailor a solution that would meet all the needs and complete well under budget.

The Criterion Hotel situated in the heart of Sydney is a unique heritage-listed building built-in 1874. It was once called the Criterion Theatre which has since been renovated into a luxurious, authentic Irish venue.

The Criterion Hotel had very poor infrastructure. The data speed was very slow. They had no commercial Wi-Fi for their guests and patrons. Current cabling was almost no existent. Criterion hotel recently renovated 19 rooms for accommodation. They required hospitality TVs which gave them a guest compendium with the hotel services. These TVs also required Wi-Fi for streaming which also had its challenges as

Amps technicians ran all new cables from the comms room to all required locations. External core holes were drilled, and cables were run with minimal impact to the business. As the hotel worked with very long extended busy hours, technicians worked within restricted time zones with little impact on the business. The works came well under budget.   A 1000/1000 data connection was installed. Access points were installed throughout the accommodation area and the hotel. A managed router was commissioned, which allowed AMPS to control bandwidth to the access points.  All the Wi-Fi access points, switches and router are monitored 24/7 to make sure all the services and equipment is working correctly.   The final part of this deployment was to install 50” Hospitality TVs. Pivoting brackets were installed.  Amps were able to totally customise the Criterion hotels information for their guests. The solution was also able to generate additional revenue by promoting the hotel brand and services.  Amps were able to preconfigure TV settings on a PC from a remote location without disturbing guests. Amps smart TV allows guests to play their own media from any smart mobile device.  


As an expert technology partner with a telecommunication backbone that first started in 2000 our independence and agnostic partner model gave us the edge over our much larger competitors to be the partner selected. Our strengths lie in understanding the long-term goals of delivering efficient servicing. AMPS highly experienced staff were able to consult throughout the process, making decisions on services simple and straightforward. If you are facing a similar obstacle with multiple high costing suppliers or looking for a solution outside of the box, then get in touch with one of our technology advisors now.