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As one of HP’s exclusive printer providers, AMPS is uniquely positioned to provide sales and service for HP’s leading printer technology. For over two decades AMPS has developed a direct reseller relationship with HP allowing us to become a leader in the supply of HP printersin Sydney and other capital cities in Australia. If you are currently using another product and are looking for the best HP Printer, our technology advisors are here to help with any enquiries and recommend a HP solution that works best for you…AMPS your leading HP printersupplier.

Your needs are our priority

Whether your printer needs are based upon the best security, reduced cost management, intelligent features or the best reliability, HP has it all and has been the leader in printing technology for over 5 decades. Office equipment can be a significant investment, so make sure HP is your first choice whenit comes to printers. At AMPS, we benchmark the market to ensure you are offered the best HP Print solution every time, backed with our national HP service coverage.

Why HP?

HP’s wide range of printers are fitted standard with award winning security features inherited from HP’s advanced PC technology. Of course, we all know that all printer vendors offer their own security, but only HP provides total piece of mind that your networked print device is100% secure and available. HP printers use the most advanced ‘Laser Print’ technology, as well as the only vendorto offer a unique ink technology called ‘HP PageWide’. These HP PageWide
Printersin both A3 and A4 are the lowest cost Printers in their class and with fewer moving parts and no heat generated, HP PageWide Printers ensure our carbon footprint isreduced with each printed page.
Market leading print security to protect business sensitive data and documents







Most reliable Business Printer & MFP Brand 2018-2021

Meet the HP LaserJet Printer Family

HP’s Most Securing Printiing

Deep, Multilayered protection on guard 24/7 to keep

Maximum Productivity. High Speed Perfrmance

With a flow MFP, accelerate workflow and

Power printig. Energy Smart

Help your priner using Original HP toner cartriges

HP printers…the #1
choice of small business

We have you covered

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have HP sales and service covered across the entire Eastern seaboard and with over 20 years of experience building solutions for organisations both large and small…we are experts at making technology easy, accessible and simple so that you can get back to business.

Proven expertise

Finding the right HP printer solutions in Sydney, or any other capital city in Australia is only part of the procurement process as there are many other factors that businesses need to consider. Value for money, true nature of business problem, needs recognition, fit for
purpose, genuine HP consumables and HP service, support for contractual commercials as well as value inclusions are all critical factors that need to be benchmarked accurately. At AMPS we collectively tackle each of these procurement deliverables by consulting, advising, and assessing the wider business outcomes at stake to “leave no stone unturned”. All we ask for is an opportunity to demonstrate why we are so far ahead of our competitors.

AMPS, your trusted technology advisor

Our advisory and consultative approachhas earned us our “Trusted Technology Advisor” accolade from many of our customers as we work hard to recognise and satisfy their needs across all business levels. We consistently help all size businesses to maximise productivity, reduce costs and drive flexibility and agility to deliver outstanding value. Therefore, we
continue to be recognised as a leading national provider for HP Printer solutions and HP Managed Print Services.

We are only a phone call away

So, if you are in the market for new or refurbished HP Photocopiers in Sydney or any other Australian capital city…

And you would like a HP accredited advisor to appraise your needs….

Feel free to contact our offices by phone 1300 858 267 or email sales@ampstechnology.net so that one of technology advisors can join you on your journey to find you the right HP solution for your business.



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