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For the modern business, buying IT hardware outright is not the best way to access technology. Instead, paying a small monthly fee for access to the latest products and services is the best way to go, as it means you only pay for what you use. Whether you arein the market for any new technologies or specifically require a new printer, we have the best printer lease Sydney wide deals. AMPS Technology is the ideal partner to meet all your procurement printing technology needs.

Do not be stuck with
old technology

Our copier and printer lease Sydney offerings deliver many business advantages. Not only do they free up capital but they also present with tax advantages that can deliver other financial benefits. Leasing equipment also eliminates the risk of being stuck with technology that no longer measures up to your standards. Technology evolves quickly and staying ahead of the game can become expensive for businesses that chooses to purchase technology outright. By having the flexibility to swap out products during the lease period you can upgrade to a new device every two to three years, ensuring that your business benefits from the latest technology which is expected to deliver more reliable, efficient and cost effective services.

At the same time, take
advantage of managed print
serviceswhen leasing

Leasing larger commercial and enterprise grade copier and printers means that you can also take advantage of managed print services better knowns as MPS. AMPS offer a full suite of MPS bundles of your choice with all our copier and printer lease Sydney deals. Extended on-site warranties, live device management, auto consumables and paper replenishment, preventative or valet services and customer replacement guarantees ensure that your investment is protected every step of the way.

We deliver a truly managed service that consolidates all printing costs to a single transparent monthly fee. For the cashflow-aware modern business, having predictability in costs is essential to planning while at the same time we make technology accessible and pain-free so you can get back to business.

More brands and multiple
lease choices

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we have sales and service covered across the entire Eastern seaboard and with over 20 years of experience building solutions for organisations large and small… we are experts at making technology easy, accessible and pain-free so that you can get back to business.

We have you covered

If anything should happen with your leased technologies, our service teams have you covered in all capital cities and most regional areas. We offer tight service level agreements, also known as SLA’s, to deliver super-fast response times that aim to get you up and working again rapidly. We understand the business impact of copier and printer outages, so we take the “services” side of our MPS and lease contracts very seriously indeed.

So, call AMPS to secure a super competitive copier and printer lease Sydney deal and we guarantee to help you cut costs to improve the way your business manages future capital acquisitions.



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