AMPS, the leading independent name in copier and printer repairs in Sydney and other capital cities...

If you run a busy office or a business, you know the importance printers and copiers play in your day to day workflow. You are probably also aware that these devices are one of the most complex and temperamental pieces of equipment in your office due to the high level of constant, on-demand service in producing and managing documents for your business. With so many moving parts plus dozens of wear and tear consumables, this technology demands frequent servicing and precise maintenance to ensure reliability. It is only through efficient repairs and regular maintenance that businesses can avoid office disruption and loss of workflow productivity. So if your current print provider is not meeting your expectations or failing to deliver the right level of service and support to maximise your equipments reliability, then stop placing unnecessary pressure on your business and call AMPS so that we can help you better manage your companies copier and printer repairs in Sydney and other Australian capital cities.

It is all about the service

For over two decades now, AMPS have been recognised as the leading name in copier and printer repairs in Sydney and other capital cities. This accolade has helped build a reputation for outstanding service and meticulous attention to detail as businesses have come to trust in the professionalism and high standards of our technical teams. Being able to quickly respond to support calls and enquiries is a critical service factor and our 24 /7 help desk will give you further peace of mind that we are always there when needed the most.

Multi brand authorised service
partner (ASP)

The challenge is not just to find a copier and printer copier company that can provide repairs and servicing but to find one that is vendor authorised. Vendor authorised service partners or ASP’s as they are better known are exclusively selected by manufacturers. Their technicians are then rigorously trained to deliver the highest level of skill and expertise. These proficient technicians represent businesses that must meet strict manufacturer standards who are also financially viable and can provide facilities to demonstrate proven services capabilities. Both the businesses and the technicians need to pass regular certification exams and are frequently performance monitored. ASPs also have the capability to service print products sold by competing channels to conduct warranty repairs without any costs to the user. AMP’S have been a long-standing ASP for many brands, further justifying why we are the perfect copier and printer repairs partner in Sydney and other Australian capital cities.

Outsource print & copier service / support to an expert

We do not stop just there as we are always looking to add further value to our customers so that we can demonstrate why we are regarded as the leading independent name in copier and printer repairs in Sydney and other capital cities. We have invested heavily in print technology management and automation software that almost entirely takes the pressure and needs from our customers to self-manage their print and copier fleets. Our state-of-the-art software delivers a multitude of services including live device monitoring that automatically collects data and analytics to help our teams proactively manage your printers and copiers.

No more running out of toner or other consumables as our software monitors usage levels and triggers alerts when replacement is required well in advance to ensure that your replacement is delivered on-time before its needed.

Attending technicians are proactively aware of all service issues as the devices are polled every few minutes to collect error codes from which we have already diagnosed the fault so that we are better prepared to break-fix once the call is attended to.

Live usage monitoring to provide you with all the necessary reports to see who is printing what and when and to automate billing.



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