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Case Study

Transport & Logistics

Menzies Aviation

Provides essential airport services, Ground & cargo handling & fueling.       

Limited process for management and recording of visitors and contractors to Menzies sites.

A fully customised, cloud-based sign-in platform designed specifically to improve efficiency and comply with legislation .

Seamless Technology delivering process improvement and ensuring a Safe and secure visitor experience for Menzies .

Menzies Aviation is an independent, time critical logistics specialist serving the global airline industry, which operates in 200 airports and 36 countries around the world.  Its service offer is split between Ground Handling, Cargo Handling, Cargo Forwarding and Fueling.

Menzies Aviation were looking for ways to improve their visitor and contractor management process across 9 major airport sites in Australia. Their current process was paper based, non-compliant and was very limited to efficiently tracking visitors, couriers and other contractors across their secure sites.

Induction and Sign-In Management Solution. AMPS developed a Solution for all Menzies’s sites across Australia.  The Induction and Sign-In Management Solution was delivered through touch screen “Kiosk” hardware as the signee interface. The touch screen Kiosks were locked down to provide access only to the users of the solution.

  First time users of the Induction and Sign-In Solution were required to enter specifics such as Name, Driver License Number, Company, Name,  Mobile Number and Date-of-Birth, (subject to privacy law).   The intuitive kiosks would then instruct the visitor to follow the customised Menzies induction process on 6 slides, covering and agreeing to OH&S, company policies, site policies and aviation safety rules. Once completed, the solution delivered confirmation  SMS to the visitor      with their assigned QR code, allowing access to sign in and out of the Menzies sites.   Smart development also retained returning visitor’s details, allowing a seamless and simple QR method for accessing Menzies sites for multiple  entries and exits, thus improving the visitor experience and efficient process. Secure QR code storage was also assigned for access via smart phone wallets.   As an expert technology partner, the customised, Induction and Sign-In Management Solution delivered a tailored solution specifically built around improving the security and efficiency of visitors to Menzies. Once implemented, the solution ensured all parties met their on-site regulations effectively while remaining compliant with industry legislation and delivering a scalable, simple, robust, and highly secure solution .


As an expert technology partner with a telecommunication backbone that first started in 2000 our independence and agnostic partner model gave us the edge over our much larger competitors to be the partner selected. Our strengths lie in understanding the long-term goals of delivering efficient servicing. AMPS highly experienced staff were able to consult throughout the process, making decisions on services simple and straightforward. If you are facing a similar obstacle with multiple high costing suppliers or looking for a solution outside of the box, then get in touch with one of our technology advisors now.