Social Wi-Fi Marketing

Market directly to your guests, patrons or visitors while they are in your venue or even after they have left.

Wi-Fi Monetisation

Turning you existing Wi-Fi service into a revenue stream has never been easier.

Smiles or Frowns?

SMS marketing or text messaging allows you to quickly reach your target market to drive sales and build loyalty. Personable, precise, instant and affordable…keeping customers informed and happy.

Wi-Fi Systems

Uniquely tailored Wi-Fi systems and customisable marketing bundles to help increase customer and brand loyalty.

Designing and customising professionally looking branded splash pages with Wi-Fi Connects has never been made easier.


Evolve your marketing strategy by targeting consumers at a granular, personal level based on their physical locations as they move through your establishment has never been easier when using Wi-Fi Connects.


Video content has been proven to better complement marketing strategies and to more efficiently attract consumers. Whether 2D, 3D or cinematic…AMPS can help create the content and show you how to more effectively target the right audience using Wi-Fi Connects.

Did you know there are over 3.3 billion active social media users in the world? Wi-Fi Connects will help elevate your consumer experiences by allowing more users to easily review you across most social networking platforms. Let Wi-Fi Connects help strengthen your brand through smarter reputation management. 

Trip Advisor Reviews

Facebook Likes

Instagram  Reviews

Instagram Likes


AMPS professional services teams provide expert data strategists to help you develop customised Wi-Fi marketing solutions that create actionable results.


Helping you mine and understand your data by developing a personalised analytical strategy that will turn these insights into profitable outcomes.


Understanding competitive performance and applying marketing intelligence helps create sensible marketing plans that will effectively target consumers.


Professional campaign support and refinement of marketing processes aimed at reducing costs and maximising desired results, outcomes and ROI.


Discover exclusive, actionable digital marketing insights to enhance your campaign strategy and to boost your Wi-Fi marketing presence and competitive edge.

Wi-Fi Connects

Helps businesses deliver relevant, timely, and connected experiences to their consumers wherever and however they choose to engage.



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