Considering the explosive rise in remote activity and the need for mobility, wireless technology has become an integral part of how companies do business.  AMPS provide expert guidance, proven experience, best practices and innovative tools to deploy and manage intent-based architecture to support scalable and fit-for purpose built enterprise grade Wi-Fi solutions.

Business need expertly deployed and managed Wi-Fi solutions more than ever to help link people, places, data and devices together simply and securely. This mission critical infrastructure is designed to support innovation in your workplace by improving productivity through the delivery of more efficient consumer engagements that provide measurable and tangible business advantages. We have the courage and expertise to deliver mission critical and are ready to help you harness the power of innovation to thrive on change.

Turn your Hotel guest Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool that generates new revenue streams for you business.

Intelligent Wi-Fi software that helps collect data essential in understanding who your guests really are, where their interests lie and how they prefer to spend their money.

Bars, clubs and pubs have always been about people connecting with each other and it has never been as important to make sure their "cyber-environment" as welcoming as the physical environment. Delivering this important customer service will ensure that your patrons stay longer, spend more and are given every reason to return to your venue.

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