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At AMPS Technology, we’re all about efficiency

Each business or industry faces its own unique challenges to remain successful by staying ahead of the competition and evolving market trends. Our services and solutions offer our customer the opportunity to learn how to leverage our extensive resources and expertise in print, telecommunications, IT and intelligent security. Using our business solutions, we help to empower your organisation with greater levels of business efficiency to drive your business to new heights. We’re experts at keeping things it’s what we do best… Every AMPS Technology solution is designed to either save or make you money.


We’re a leading independent multi-brand technology provider of integrated business solutions including print technology services and maintenance.


Explore a comprehensive arrange of products and services from Australia’s leading telecommunication carriers and service providers.


Strategically designed, expertly built and pro-actively managed IT services including IT consulting, professional services and system integration.


We offer turnkey security system solutions to enhance your organisational safety, detect security issues and boost business efficiencies.

Integrated Business Solutions

We offer tailored business technology solutions designed to solve today’s organisational challenges by changing the way you work and collaborate to achieve better business outcomes. If you’re looking for innovative print, telecommunications, IT and security solutions for your business, contact the team from AMPS Technology today.

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One technology supplier & one bill across all print, telecommunications, IT and security solutions.

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Embrace innovative business technology to gain a competitive edge within your market.

Trusted technology

As industry experts, we’re trusted business advisors and offer our unique value proposition to you.

We have the solutions to all your business hardware and technology needs

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