AMPS Values

Our values are focused on honesty, ethics and delivering value through collaboration

At AMPS Technology, our values define who we are. We strive to ensure 0ur values are front of mind for all the work we do for our clients. As a digital transformation and business solutions specialist, we’re dedicated to providing print technology, digital transformation, telecommunications, IT, displays, security, financing and consulting services that drive business. By delivering business solutions which significantly increase operational efficiencies and maximise business operations, we ensure our offered solutions are innovative and progressive.


We believe that delivering on commitments and promises, through honest and ethical customer engagement, is the foundation of developing strong business relations. Our client relationships are fundamental to our business, and we go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.


Our customers are front of mind throughout the entire AMPS Technology journey. We’re focused on ensuring our digital business solutions exceed our customer’s expectations and have mutually beneficial outcomes. These values help to build our common culture and guide us in all our decision-making.


We place enormous value on teamwork. We effectively harnesses our collective knowledge and expertise to produce extraordinary business solutions and digital transformation outcomes for our customers.


We deliver progressive and inspiring digital business solutions by looking at the bigger picture. We apply business solutions that help forward-thinking enterprises solve their most complex problems.

AMPS Vision

Our vision is to incorporate innovation, honesty, thinking, perfection and progress into every project we’re apart of

Connecting technology to business through the supply of safe, high-quality software and hardware, will not only add value to our partners but will contribute to a better business world. Our vision is to incorporate innovation, honesty, thinking, perfection and progress into all of the projects we’re apart of.

Using our knowledge of successful business solutions and integrations, we aim to transform and revolutionise the way our customers do business.


True innovation delivery and successful strategic business problem solving must have a core purpose and encourage our team to question our own bias as we strive to deliver set goals by turning them into reality.


Our say what you mean, mean what you say approach helps to build our business culture and guides us in all our decision-making processes. At AMPS Technology we believe honesty is the best policy and strive to be direct and transparent in all the work we deliver.


Well-executed thinking considers the bigger picture of the task including all the surrounding business requirements to achieve best practices. By thinking on our feet and considering all the possibilities, we create bespoke business solutions that drive revenue for our clients.

Perfection & Progress

We push for perfection but never at the expense of progress. We go above and beyond for our clients and our attention to detail on all of our business solutions, services and integrations makes all the difference to the end result.

AMPS Mission

Our mission is to provide superior services and solutions through successful integration and implementation

At AMPS Technology, our mission is to provide superior services and solutions for our business clients through the successful integration and implementation of our digital transformation solutions and business services.

Our software and solutions aim to make a distinctive and substantial improvement in performance for our clients and we work to ensure that we offer processes that maximise efficiencies and streamline business processes. As an independent supplier and partner of business technology, we’re focused on digital transformation solutions that drive efficiency in your business.


As an independent technology provider, we strive to bring value to our customers by delivering innovative business technologies from leading brands, selected based on our industry knowledge and expertise.


To bring together the best of human intelligence and technology to create and develop innovative business solutions that are designed to be cost-effective and drive return on investment for our clients and their business.


To provide outstanding service that aims to not only meet but also exceed user and company expectations. Through the delivery of IT, security, consulting services, technology, business solutions and displays, we aim to offer a holistic service offering.


Every business function is dependent on technology and the two are intertwined so it is our aim to help forward-thinking enterprises, institutions and individuals consolidate print, telecommunications, IT and security to one trusted partner.