At AMPS Technology, we are passionate about a sustainable future!

Commitment to our planet means we partner with vendors and manufacturers that support ethical recycling of environmentally efficient technology. Our sustainability framework delivers long term benefits for both our clients and communities.

Our goals are to maximise customer business efficiencies while improving their footprint by partnering with providers who share the same vision for our environment.

By focusing on the sustainability of power consumption and considering better ways of procuring more efficient energy certified technologies, we work with our clients to take a responsible path towards a brighter and greener future.

By focusing on reduced power consumption and offering improved technologies that are efficiently certified, our solutions work full circle, ensuring our goals for a sustainable future are front of mind.

AMPS technology solutions help reduce your environmental footprint

Choose from hundreds of Energy Start certified products that deliver superior energy efficiency.

Responsible management of choosing and procuring the right office paper is critical to the environment and the delivery of a sustainable business programme.

Let AMPS Technology review your company paper needs to ensure that you are satisfying OH&S compliance requirements while positively contributing to a greener environmental footprint.