AMPS Values

Our values are our guideposts that define who we are and everything that we do.


Consistently being open, honest, ethical, and genuinedelivers unmatched integrityto our customers. We ensure full disclosure and transparency in all communications which is our belief and the key to forming deeper customer

Customer Commitment

Our success is driven by our commitment and how we connect with our customers. As a trusted advisor, our solutions are tailored for each customer engagement and deliver exceptional results each time. Our team are empowered to make decisions to serve our customers, and measured on the true value they deliver.


We have a passion for progress, we take pride and set high standards that we executeevery time.We are hungry and jump at new challenges, while delivering success to all involved


We offer a broad digital transformation by uncovering innovative and progressive solutionsto solve complex business problems

AMPS Vision

Our vision is to incorporate innovation, honesty, forward thinking,
and perfection into each client engagement

Connecting technology to business while improving process and efficiency, contributes to the future of business eco-system. Our vision is to provide the key ingredients in each client engagement, Using our values and expertise to revolutionise the way our customers receive value


Strategic problem solving must have a core business purpose.


This challenges our team to question our own bias as we use innovation to turn our customer’s goals in to reality.


Honesty is the best policy and our team are transparent and always have your back.


Our engagements are built on trust and we stand by our reputation of ‘Say what you mean’ & ‘Mean what you say’ when making key decisions in business today.


Outside of the box thinking is what sets us apart from the rest.


By pausing and considering before suggesting is where our customers see true value. Delivering bespoke business solutions at all levels is only possible when we think to create.


We strive for perfection but never at the expense of progress.


We travel above and beyond for our clients while creating deep engagement and hitting each milestone on the journey to your progressive digital future.

AMPS Mission

Our mission is to create innovative business solutions that drive truevalue by combining the best of human intelligence and technology.

AMPS Technology helps customers thrive on change. Our vision is clear allowing us to confidently innovate and navigate the next digital age.


We strive to support a culture of performance that is matched with the highest integrity.Our success is built on the trust we have earned from our customers.


We partner with organisations to solve complex challenges, create value and mitigate business risk.Our talented team becomes part of your team, collaborating and innovating with the best technology for your organisation. We invest in building true relationships that flex with confidence and agility to meet new challenges head on.

Customer Focused

Our success is built on a deep understanding of our clients, from where our commitment ensures we deliver innovative technology and exceptional service.


To combine the best people and technology, collaborating to deliver leading business solutions and value while driving a rapid return on investment


We lead for the front, providing integrity and factual data to support our offerings. We strive to create an environment for positive change built on partnerships and trust.


We empower our teams with excellence for both our customers and ourselves, showing strength and respect amongst leaders in our industry.


We aspire individually and collectively to be better tomorrow than we are today


We each accept responsibility for our commitment and are truly accountable for
the results.